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What can green tea do for you?

Did you know that green tea can help you loose weight, help fight disease and cancer, and lower your cholesterol?

Studies have shown that green tea has killed cancer cells in the most common type of leukemia and lowered the rates of chronic gastritis by half. 
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What's your Vitamin IQ?
Take our quiz to find out how much you know about vitamins, vitamin

supplements, and vitamin deficiencies. 

True or False:

Taking Vitamin E can help prevent heart attacks?


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Are you getting the right amount of minerals your body needs?

Calcium, magnesium, potassium,

sodium, iron...how much does your body need and are you getting enough of each of them?  Minerals are essential for digestion and to help your body absorb other nutrients.  If you think you might benefit from taking a mineral supplement, then....                     

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Are health conditions slowing you down?
Arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, blind-

ness, and the common cold all may be caused by nutritional deficiencies.  You can now take a nutritional supplement to help fight back the conditions that may be ailing you.

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