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Massage and Your Healthy Lifestyle

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine , a government organization that is part of The National Institutes for Health describes massage as dating back ďthousands of years.Ē 

Thatís probably one of the reasons that a good massage therapist seems to be able reach into the heart of whatís ailing you, find that primal area thatís hurting, and bring peace to your being.

While there are many different types of massage Ė Swedish, Sports, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, and Thai being the most common Ė a good massage therapist will most likely use a combination of techniques that will advance your healthy lifestyle.

For many clients, just pure relaxation is the goal.  They walk in loaded with stress and tension;  they walk out floating on air.   What happened in between?  The massage therapist found the tension points and released that tension.  Iíve personally found myself bursting into tears just by having a Class A therapist just gently move my arm.

Itís not because that arm was sore and the soreness went away nor because it had a pulled muscle and relief appeared.

What happened was that some deep and painful emotion was buried there and Paula at Orlando Massage and Colonics intuitively knew to find something there, gently release it, and provide a profound sense of relaxation by doing that.

Itís much like the old electrician joke where an electrician asked about the $85 charged for connecting a couple of wires said ďconnecting the two wires only costs $5.  Knowing which two wires to connect costs $80.

Thatís why picking a good massage therapist is more than just picking someone who knows the body, knows Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, and has a license.  Itís about picking someone that is able to work with your energy field Ė mitigating or removing that which is hindering you and giving you positive energy to build you up. 

Thatís the kind of massage therapist you want to find and hold on to.




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