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Strontium is a non-essential trace mineral that is found in minute amounts in the body. Because strontium can increase the retention of calcium by the body, it is sometimes used to help prevent bone loss due to osteoporosis. It is known to contribute to the health of bones and teeth.


What Strontium Does:

Strontiumís actions in the body are similar to those of calcium. Because strontium prevents the re-absorption of bone, it helps reduce bone loss. It also may build stronger teeth, and is being studied as a cavity preventative.


Where Strontium Comes From:

Strontium is found in foods grown in strontium rich soil and in some drinking water. The amount of strontium in plants is directly related to the amount of the strontium in the soil in which it is grown. Strontium is available in a number of different forms, including strontium carbonate, strontium chloride, strontium sulfate, strontium gluconate and strontium citrate. Strontium glucanate seems to be most easily absorbed by the body.


Health Benefits of Strontium:

Thereís remarkably little research or information about strontium as a health supplement, or its role in the body. Itís important to note that the forms of strontium that are used in health supplementation are NOT the radioactive isotope strontium-90. What little research has been done is highly promising. Specifically:


  • Strontium helps reduce bone loss in osteoporosis.

  • Strontium may prevent cavities. A recent Navy study found that 10% of the respondents in the survey who reported no dental cavities over the course of ten years all resided in the same small town that boasts unusually high levels of strontium in the water.

  • In a Mayo Clinic study, 85% of the patients suffering from osteoporosis who were treated with strontium supplements reported significant reductions of pain.

  • More recently, in a 3 year long double blind controlled study, researchers found that taking a daily supplement of strontium reduced the risk of bone fracture by 41%. The strontium group also showed an 11.4% increase in vertebra density, while the control group showed a decrease of 1.3%.

  • In another study, 353 women who had at least one fractured vertebra due to osteoporosis took either a placebo or a supplement containing strontium. The group taking strontium showed an increase of bone density of over 3% per year, and at the end of two years had significantly fewer recurring vertebral fractures.


Recommended Daily Intake of Strontium:

Because strontium is not an essential mineral, there is no established recommended daily intake; however, therapeutic doses range from 10 mgs to 1000 mgs and more daily.


Symptoms of Strontium Deficiency:

Because strontium is not an essential mineral, there is no defined level of deficiency.


Strontium Toxicity:

There are no identified symptoms of strontium toxicity or strontium overdose.


Supplementing with Strontium:

Because it is considered a non-essential trace element, many health supplements overlook the benefits of strontium when creating their formulas, despite the fact that strontium can improve the health of bones and teeth, reduce the pain of osteoarthritis and promote overall absorption of other minerals. Xtend-Life's natural products Total Balance includes six mineral sea salts in a special blend of ingredients that is formulated to work synergistically with the other 70 ingredients. The inclusion of strontium, iodine, molybdenum, indium, rubidium and tungsten help boost the absorption and effectiveness of every other ingredient in Total Balance as well as providing their own unique health benefits.


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