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Pet Vitamins

Your pet is a valued member of your family.  You invest in good health care for him, make certain to meet his needs for exercise and play, you may even invest in training classes to help you Ė and him Ė adjust to living with a family.  Shouldnít you be just as concerned that he get all the nutrition he needs to keep him in good health?


Just like us, our pets have nutritional needs that are not always met by a Ďnormalí diet.   Many veterinarians


Many veterinarians recommend a nutritional supplement or multivitamin to ensure that your dog, cat or small pet gets all the nutrients that his body needs to maintain optimal health and avoid common health complications for his breed.


Your pet needs a good, high-quality vitamin or supplement because: 

        Every pet has different nutritional needs.  His age, breed, activity level, normal diet, environment and genetics all work together to determine exactly what those needs are.

        A standard diet with a high-quality, nutritionally balanced pet food is a good foundation for nutritional health for your pet Ė but itís only the start.  Your pet may have additional nutrition needs that arenít met by food alone.

        A deficiency of just one vitamin can lower your petís resistance to common diseases or make him vulnerable to health conditions and complications.

        Nutrients that are designed to support and supplement his healthy diet can help stave off bone, kidney, urinary, heart and other problems.

Your optimal health relies on being sure that your body has all the building blocks and nutrients that it needs, and your dog is no different.  A deficiency in vitamins and essential fatty acids can affect your dogís appearance, appetite, temperament and health.   This should come as no surprise to anyone whoís studied the effects of even minor deficiencies of important nutrients in humans.  The same effects can be seen in dogs that donít get the nutrients that their bodies need.

When your petís diet is lacking in essential proteins and vitamins, it will show up in his coat, his eyes, his breath and his energy level.  Some of the recent research suggests that: 

        Vitamin C helps strengthen dogís bones and joints and may be helpful in preventing hip dysplasia.

        Vitamin E and selenium can help prevent arthritis and allergies in dogs.

        Dogs under stress or bothered by biting flies and fleas may improve if treated with Vitamin B12.

        Dogs fed a diet high in soy-based proteins may require additional iron supplements because soy appears to interfere with iron absorption.

Consult your petís veterinarian for more specific recommendations.  Many prescribe nutritional supplements for pets that are recovering from surgery, are breeding or are under stress.  Your petís body is not all that different from yours.  Treat it right Ė check with your vet to see if a high-quality dog or pet vitamin can boost his health.


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